Laboratory Facilities

The majority of the Electrochemistry group's laboratory facilities are hosted at NTNU's Gløshaugen campus, in building Kjemi 2:

Sem Sælandsvei 12

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We have over 450 m2 of lab space, containing a variety of equipment such as: glove boxes, advanced electrochemical equipment (RDE, DEIS, DEMS, EQCM, battery testers), FTIR, UV-vis spectrometers and scanning probe microscopes (AFM/STM) 


The electrochemistry group aims to provide state of the art equipment and instrumentation to fullfill all research needs.

Specific information about all the instruments and equipment available to the department.

Within the group, we have a number of potentiostats, test stations for batteries, fuel cells and electrolysis, as well as five glove boxes. For more information about available equipment, please contact Magnus Følstad.



The groups also has access to infrastructure and facilities provided by NTNU-NANO-lab clean rooms, NORFAB, RECX and NORTEM.