Silicon for the Chemical and Solar Industry XIV

- Conference in Svolvær, Norway 11-14 June, 2018

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The aim of Silicon for the Chemical and Solar Industry XIV is to discuss new development in Silicon Process Technology, Silicon Quality Assessment and Performance in the Subsequent Chemical Reactions including resource, energy and environmental issues.The different processes from quartz to metallurgical and solar grade silicon, silicones or electronic silicon are strongly linked, and a sustainable process is dependent on a thorough understanding of the total process.  The development of production of solar grade silicon directly by metallurgical routes is also included. Silicon producers as well as users and academia will attend.  Silicon for the Chemical and Solar Industry XIV is focused on silicon production and the primary chemical processes. Organosilicon chemistry in general is not a topic. Proceedings will be available on arrival.


Visa requirements

Please ascertain whether you need a visa to visit Norway.
Check if your country is exempt from the visa requirements

If you require a visa, please consult the Norwegian consulate or embassy in your home country for more information and application forms.

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Conference program

Preliminary conference program - updated 30.04.2018 (PDF)


Conference topics

  • Silicon Production (Raw materials, Process, Refining, Casting and Milling).
  • Solar Grade Silicon.
  • Metallurgical and Chemical Route to the Production of Solar Grade Silicon.
  • Product Characterization.
  • Reactions, Catalysis, Mechanism by Production of Primary Products as:
  • Methylchlorosilanes, Trichlorosilane, Silicon Tetrachloride, Ethylchlorosilanes, Alkoxysilanes, other Silanes
  • Environmental Issues and Safety.
  • CO2 footprint
  • Recycling

Organizing committee

Professor Dr. Merete Tangstad, NTNU, Chairman

Adj. Professor Dr. Halvard Tveit, NTNU

Director Dr. Harry Rong, Elkem AS

Environmental consultant Lars Nygaard, Milda Miljødata AS

Dr. Birger Andresen, Wacker Chemicals Norway AS, Holla Metall

Ms Ingrid Gamst Page, Secretary


Location and transport

The conference takes place at Thon hotel Lofoten in Svolvær

Svolvær is located in the Lofoten archipelago on the southern coast of the island of Austvågøya, facing the open sea of the Vestfjorden to the south, and with mountains immediately to the north

There are direct flights to Svolvær from Oslo and Bodø. SAS and Norwegian have flights to Bodø. It is also possible to fly to Bodø and take the boat across Vestfjorden to Svolvær.



We have reserved rooms at the hotel Thon hotel Lofoten from Monday June 11th 2018 to Thursday, June 14th. The hotel costs, NOK 1495 for a single room and NOK 1695 for a double, are to be paid directly to the hotel. Hotel reservation will be available on the registration form.





Postal address:
Department of Materials Science and Engineering (NTNU)
NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway