Upgrading of Metallurgical Grade Silicon Seminar

– at the coastal express Trondheim - Tromsø, Norway, April 24-26, 2012

In the early spring of 2012 the coastal express will host the seminar of UMG silicon processes arranged by NTNU and SINTEF.

Norway has a long tradition of producing silicon, with major producers like Elkem and Fesil. Both of these companies are exploiting this knowledge to produce UMG-Si. The research at SINTEF and NTNU mirrors the Norwegian industry, and hence a large effort has been put into this area the last years.

At this seminar the world leading research environments within UMG-Si processes will present their work. There will be presentations within requirements to purity, vacuum refining of P, slag and gas refining of B, solvent refining processes as well as refining by directional solidification.

The coastal express leaves Trondheim at noon. From Trondheim, the ship sails on to Rørvik, where the southbound and northbound coastal ships meet. Day 2 of the trip the ship will stop at Ørnes-Bodø-Stamsund-Svolvær with Torghatten, with the characteristic hole through its center. The ship will also cross the Arctic Circle. There are spectacular sites ahead: islands and skerries with majestic rock formations, whose origins are the stuff of legend. After Bodø, the ship heads out to open sea for the Lofoten Islands with their picturesque cabins on stilts and weathered wooden racks with drying cod. In the evening, she'll navigate the narrow Raftsund Strait, passing the looming crags of the Trollfjord. On the second day you'll pass the medieval Trondenes church before calling at Harstad for breakfast. Afterward, you'll sail across the Vågsfjord past the great island of Senja with its diverse countryside of farmland, pine trees, and plunging peaks. At 14.30 you'll stop at Tromsø, the "Paris of the North". In the 19th century, Russian, British, Dutch, and German ships called here before heading off on Arctic expeditions for hunting whales, walruses and seals.

Before the ship leaves at noon the 24th, SINTEF/NTNU invites the participants to visit the labs in Trondheim.

Photo: Melinda Gaal

Organizing Committe
Professor Merete Tangstad, NTNU
Senior Researcher Kai Tang, SINTEF
Research Scientist, Jafar Safarian, NTNU
Executive Officer Jorunn Sommervold, NTNU Videre
Secretary Hege Knutsdatter Johnsen, NTNU

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