Department of Neuroscience

Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

The group examines and treats patients with disease in the head and neck region, and it has the main responsibility for this health service in Mid-Norway.

We also educate medical students and other health personnel and are involved in different research projects.

Research projects:


Contact: Wenche Moe Thorstensen, Ståle Nordgård

  • Upper/lower airways: Sinonasal symptoms and signs of sinonasal disease among patients with bronchial asthma
  • Medical treatment of sinonasal disease: The impact on pulmonary function in patients with bronchial asthma
  • Surgical treatment of sinonasal disease refractory to conservative treatment: The impact on pulmonary function
  • Comparative randomized study of different techniques of conchoplasty (surgical reduction of nasal inferior conchae) in nasal stenosis
  • Healing of the nasal mucosa after surgery with topical steroids. Randomized blinded clinical study
  • Immunohistochemical study of the nasal mucosa in different forms of chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS)
  • Endonasal ultrasound navigation in sinonasal surgery: Innovation and feasibility study

Sleep related breathing disorders:

Contact: Ståle Nordgård, Anne-Sofie Helvik

  • The effect of oral devices on airway dynamics in patients with obstructive sleep apnea
  • Palatal implants as minimal invasive treatment of sleep disordered breathing. Long-term follow-up

Hearing and otoneurology:

Contact: Krister Brantberg, Anne-Sofie Helvik, Ståle Nordgård

  • Vestibular neuritis: The impact of physiotherapy on rehabilitation. Randomized controlled study
  • VEMP (vestibular evoked myogenic potentials) for quantification of vestibular function
  • Anamnestic difference of vestibular symptoms in patient with migraine-related vertigo compared to those with other otological origin
  • Cochlear implantation and quality of life (QOL): QOL after surgery in adult patients with severe hearing loss (quality and quantity)
  • Cochlear implants: Auditive function and residual hearing loss after surgery
  • Unilateral hearing loss and bone anchored hearing aids: Quality of life and coping strategies
  • Hearing loss and the impact on daily life: An epidemiologic study from HUNT with focus on employment and the use of technical hearing aids
  • Follow-up of children treated with ventilation tubes for middle ear disease in general practice. Cooperation with the specialist health service

Cancer head and neck surgery:

Contact Ellen Anna Jaatun Andreassen and Ståle Nordgård

  • Development of a computer based tool for the registration of symptoms among patients with cancer of head and neck and other body regions
  • Tonsillectomies in Trøndelag. Incidence of treatment and postoperative complications
  • Use of ultrasound endoprobes for navigation in soft tissue head and neck surgery. Development and feasibility
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