Department of Neuroscience

Unit for Psychiatry and Behavioural Medicine

Unit for Psychiatry and Behavioural Medicine (VOP) is a cooperative organization between NTNU and Department for Research and Development (AFFU) at St. Olavs Hospital, the University Hospital in Trondheim.

This 'twin department' is comprised of co-workers employed either at St. Olavs or NTNU, or both. Our main office is located at AFFU in St. Olavs Hospital's Department of Mental Health Care at Lade in Trondheim (Østmarka).

The unit has extensive clinical research and education programmes, which are conducted with established networks of local, national and international collaborators. Researchers also participate in a range of collaborative projects and in the transmission and dissemination of knowledge. This has resulted in numerous doctoral dissertations (PhDs) and publications of papers in international journals during the more than 25 years of existence.

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