Our research is organized around research projects. Currently, we contribute to the following research projects:

EU projects

Our FP7, Horizon 2020 and EEA projects.
ALION High Specific Energy Aluminium-Ion Rechargeable Decentralized Electricity Generation Sources Anders Strømman
ANNULIGhT An Innovative Training Network (ITN) on instabilities, ignition and blow-off in annular gas turbine combustors Anders Strømman
BIOTENMARE Innovation in recycling technologies of sewage and sludge and other biowaste-energy and matter recovery Helge Brattebø
Mica Minerals Intelligence Capacity Analysis Daniel B. Müller
MinFuture Global material flows and demand-supply forecasting for mineral strategies Daniel B. Müller

Norwegian projects

Projects from the Research Council of Norway (NFR) and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
Bio4Clim Comparative climate impact assessment of the forest based bio-econommies of Norway, Sweden and Finland Anders Strømman
Ecosystem Footprints (MILJØFORSK) Ecosystem footprints: Land Use Impacts and their Socioeconomic Determinants Francesca Verones
EVD4EUR Environmental assessment of electric vehicle deployment pathways for Europe (ENERGIX) Anders Strømman
SURE Towards sustainable renewable energy production: Developing a Life Cycle Impact Assessment framework for biodiversity impacts Francesca Verones
Mind-P Nutrients in a Circular Bioeconomy: Barriers and Opportunities for Mineral Phosphorus Independence in Norway (BIONÆR) Daniel B. Müller

Centres (FME, SFI)

We participates in the following centres:
Bio4Fuels Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuels and Energy Francesco Cherubini
SmartMaritime Norwegian Centre for improved energy-efficiency and reduced emissions from the maritime sector Anders Strømman
ZEN FME Research Centre on Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities Helge Brattebø
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