PhD studies at IndEcol

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PhD studies at IndEcol

PhD studies at IndEcol

We aim to train candidates in sustainability analysis of technologies, human activities, and industrial practices, covering various aspects of sustainability such as climate, ecosystems, and resources. Candidates acquire a theoretical and methodological fundament, practical experience with applying research skills to a specific question, communicating research to scientists and stakeholders, and an understanding of the context of the research question in public policy or private decision making.   

The challenge is to contribute towards improved sustainability on different scales (society, sector, company, products/services), with the major emphasis on how to improve environmental and economic performance of important activities in society.  

We build on the successful experiences of interdisciplinary collaboration at the Industrial Ecology Programme so far, as well as our international network. Students will be able to choose courses from the PhD-catalogue and from the Masters’ level catalogues at NTNU. In addition, they may define courses to study themselves, guided by a tutor at NTNU, or include courses at PhD-level from other universities. 

Further information 

To become a PhD student at IndEcol, you will have to apply for admission at the PhD Programme in Engineering, hosted by the Faculty of Engineering. For questions on specific research areas and topics, see respective contact persons for IndEcol's four research areas.


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