About India 2011

In October 2011, NTNU will arrange a week-long event India 2011, with India as the theme. The focus will be on broad cooperation in culture, research, higher education and business. The event will build on the experience/knowledge gained from Poland 2006, Japan 2002 and from the earlier biennale’s in the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom. India 2011 will take place from 1 to 9 October 2011.

 India is a country which is experiencing rapid socio-economic progress, and is moving towards the status of a nation with world-class research capability. There is wide national and international interest in cooperating with India in various fields.  In 2008, an agreement for cooperation in research and education was drawn up between India and Norway. In August 2009, the government of Norway launched its own strategy for cooperative endeavours between the two countries, with a special focus on four areas: International political issues; Climate, environment and clean energy for the promotion of sustainable development; Economic issues with focus on private sector cooperation, trade and investment; and societal development, knowledge and culture.

 As a consequence of this ‘India Strategy’, an India Programme was set in motion under the direction of the Research Council of Norway with investments amounting to NOK 20 million over a period of 10 years. In close collaboration with numerous institutions and entities in the region, NTNU will develop a broad cultural, business and research programme between 1 and 9 October 2011. The intention is to make a significant contribution to the realization of the India Strategy as formulated by the Norwegian government.

 India 2011 will bring a varied experience of Indian culture, art, exhibitions, concerts, films etc. to Trondheim, Norway. In addition, technical seminars and scientific lectures will be offered with participants from both the partner countries. The goal is to create platforms for interaction and meetings in business and research. The main theme in all events will be India.

 What Trondheim has to offer by way of cultural possibilities ranges from the traditional (Norwegian) to the experimental (modern, global). The city is home to many well-known creative artists in music, art and theatre. The city also houses cinemas, theatres, libraries, art galleries and concert halls – all of which contribute to excellent collaborative ventures for art and culture. NTNU has Norway’s leading scientific and technological academic research community. The university also has departments that providing expert training in the performing arts and fine art. The investment of time, money and resources in strengthening and furthering existing collaboration in academic research, will boost business development. In short, India 2011 will present a wide and varied selection of activities and projects in contemporary Indian art, culture, education and business.

 NTNU’s main goal during the India 2011 year is to strengthen cooperation between India and Norway in culture, research, higher education and business development. The event will:

1.     Strengthen research collaboration between NTNU and the research community in India

2.     Contribute to the strengthening and development of NTNU’s international profile  

3.     Create a platform for national and international participation

4.     Promote Trondheim as a city of culture and knowledge

5.     Introduce India to the mid-Norway region

6.     Promote cooperation between Norway and India in the fields of social and cultural development

7.     Mobilize  the research community at NTNU towards collective initiatives

8.     Stimulate student exchange programmes between the two countries

9.     Stimulate visiting researcher programmes between the two countries

10. Enhance recruitment of Indian students and researchers in the years to come