About InFo-TED

InFo-TED is an international forum with representatives from Belgium, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, Australia and the USA working to promote professional development of teacher educators.

The general aims of InFo-TED are:

  • To develop and implement a knowledge base of teacher educators. Such a knowledge base promotes common understanding about the kind of knowledge teacher educators need to have, addresses the diverse tasks and roles teacher educators fulfil, and addresses the diverse contexts in which teacher educators work.

  • To translate the knowledge base of teacher educators into an international professional development programme for teacher educators. Such an international programme brings teacher educators across Europe and beyond together to work on core questions about teacher educators’ professional development. InFo-TED is organised as a collaborative programme and designed to build capacity of leading teacher educators who co-develop and evaluate professional development strategies to support the professional development of teacher educators nationally and locally.

  • To develop and implement supportive guidelines for induction and professional learning programmes of teacher educators. This goal aims at the development of web-based supportive guidelines and principles on how to support collaborative professional learning of teacher educators, taking into account their diverse roles and responsibilities within diverse settings.

  • To explore how an enduring international supportive structure can be implemented for professional development activities for teacher educators. The purpose of this goal is to explore how the knowledge base, the study programme, and the guidelines for professional development can be implemented, maintained and further developed on the long term. This goal is about the sustainability.
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