Clayton M. Christensen

Disruptive Innovation and Jobs to be Done

September 16, 2016

Clayton Christensen is the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, where he teaches one of the most popular elective classes for second year students, Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise. He is regarded as one of the world’s top experts on innovation and growth and his ideas have been widely used in industries and organizations throughout the world. A 2011 cover story in Forbes magazine noted that ‘’Everyday business leaders call him or make the pilgrimage to his office in Boston, Mass. to get advice or thank him for his ideas.’’ In 2011 in a poll of thousands of executives, consultants and business school professors, Christensen was named as the most influential business thinker in the world.

Clay is the best-selling author of nine books and more than a hundred articles. His first book, The Innovator’s Dilemma received the Global Business Book Award as the best business book of the year (1997); and in 2011 The Economist named it as one of the six most important books about business ever written. His other articles and books have received the Abernathy, Newcomen, James Madison, and Circle Prizes. Clay is a five-time recipient of the McKinsey Award, given each year to the two best articles published in the Harvard Business Review; and has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Tribeca Films Festival (2010).

Professor Christensen talking about what the Disruptive Innovation process actually looks like and explaining why it is so commonly misunderstood. 


Clay Christensen talking about understanding what job your customer is hiring your product to do, to an attentive audience.  

Group discussion.  Here Clay engages with one of the groups while doctoral student Kine Norheim listens. 

His new book was released October 4th, 2016.  But we had a pre-release launch in Trondheim as participants were given a copy of his book. 

Many participants wanted their copy of the book signed.  Here represented by NTNU master students Oda Dregelid and Sofie Zimmer.