Norwegian Research School in Innovation (NORSI)

Basic Session Format

With a number of partners and contributors from universities around the world, a common framework and structure of these seminars is important.

Each seminar will begin with 2 ½ days of lectures with morning and afternoon sessions; in total four to five three-hour lectures. For each lecture core readings will consist of 4 main articles, supplemented with 4 supporting articles. The core readings will be the subject of the faculty lecture and class discussions, and all students taking the course will read all of these in preparation for the lecture. Students will take turns providing a two-page executive summary, and a short presentation of each supporting article for their fellow students.

Typically, days with lectures look like this:

Time Agenda
08.30-11.30 Lecture and class discussion 1
11.30-12.30 Lunch
12.30-13.30 Student presentations of supporting literature with faculty feedback
13.30-13.45 Short Break
13.45-16.45 Lecture and class discussion 2
16.45-17.15 Break with refreshments
17.15-18.15 Student presentations of supporting literature with faculty feedback
19.00- DInner

This is the basic format which applies to all courses except the two first common courses, which are lecture intensive.

Research methodology and academic writing skills

In addition to the obvious topical focus of each session, sessions have two consistent supplemental elements:

  1. A strong focus on methodological issues in order to strengthen the candidates' understanding of practical research methods.
  2. The second goal is to strengthen the candidates' academic writing skills.

Our merited staff of award winning authors have first-rate writing skills. These skills are an integral part of their repertoire, and it is important  that our candidates reap the benefits of their wisdom in these two areas as much as possible.