Program in Innovation and Growth


Program in Innovation and Growth

– Norwegian School of Business (BI)

The PING program is hosted by the Norwegian School of Business (BI), is led by Professor Bjørn T. Asheim, and brings attention to innovation contexts. 

The PING track of the NORSI research school seeks to open up and understand the process of innovation.Innovation is a key element in economic growth and has been the center of attention for economists and policy-makers world-wide.

The process of innovation itself, however, is often treated as a ‘black box'. PING seeks to open this box by offering an interdisciplinary and integrative approach to understanding the process of innovation and its relations to economic growth. Based on an evolutionary approach to innovation, the PING courses discuss the relations between innovation and economic development at global, national and regional levels, present different types of innovation systems and innovation policies, and discuss the globalization of innovation and the increasing role of multinational companies, as well as the social conditions of corporate innovation in a comparative perspective. PING covers a wide range of sectoral and geographical (regional, national and global) empirical settings, interpreting and analyzing causes and consequences of innovation for economic and social development.

PING aims to nurture an open community of innovation researchers, and students will interact with a highly qualified faculty. We intend to bring a team of researchers into the classes, both to ensure the quality of presentations and to facilitate discussion and a lively atmosphere. Classes will rotate to the various institutions within our program, and by this we also intend to bring in local faculty.