The Norwegian Programme for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research for Development within the Fields of Energy and Petroleum (EnPe 2013-2019) aims to contribute to the education of staff in the energy and petroleum sectors in Norway's selected partner countries through building capacity at the Master level in higher education institutions (HEI) in the South.

The objectives of the EnPe programme are:

  • To support the development of Master programmes at HEI in the South through close collaboration with HEI in Norway in accordance with national needs
  • To achieve, in a longer term perspective, sustainable capacity of institutions in the South to provide the national work force with adequate qualifications within selected academic fields of study of relevance to the energy and petroleum sectors
  • To stimulate South-South-North cooperation through support to the development of regional Master programmes and research
  • To enhance gender equality in all programme activities

2nd Call for applications to EnPe2013-2019

The EnPe secretariat received 21 applications by the deadline, together asking for 285 000 000 NOK worth of funding. The EnPe board has about 60 000 000 NOK to disburse.

The EnPe-board  will assess the applications based on these criteria.  The EnPe-board will assess the applications on 11 May, and the applicants will be notfied of the result shortly thereafter.

 Projects granted EnPe phase II


Project:  Lower/middle income country  Insitiution in Norway  Area Granted 
Capacity building in Renewable Energy Education and Research  Mekelle, Etiopia, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Makerere, Uganda, Eduardo Mondlande, Mosambik. NTNU Renewable Energy  12 000 000
ANTHEI (Capacity Building to Enhance Teaching/Learning, Research and Expert Services in Petroleum Sciences and Engineering in Angola and Tanzania)  Uni of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Agosthino Neto, Angola NTNU  Petroleum 9 000 000
Master of Sceience of Petroleum Geology  Universidad Major de San Andres, Bolivia UiS  Petroleum  9 000 000
Capacity Building within Petroleum Engineering and Research at UEM Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mosambik  NTNU  Petroleum 8 000 000
Research and Capacity Building in Clean and Renewable Bioenergy in Ethiopia Mekelle og Hawassa, Etiopia  NMBU Renewable Energy  10 000 000
Capacity building to promote Sustainable Governance of Petroleum Resources, Biodiversity and Livelihoods in East African Communities Makerere, Uganda,  University of Dodoma, Tanzania NTNU+NMBU Petroleum  9 000 000
Upgrading Education and Research Capacity in Renewable Energy Technologies (UPERC-RET) KNUST, Ghana  NMBU Renewable Energy  8 500 000
Master Programme: Energy for Sustainable Social Development  Tribhuvan, Nepal NTNU  Energy  9 000 000
Petroleum Geoscience collaboration Makerere, Uganda+ Juba, Sør-Sudan  UiB  Petroleum  8 500 000
MSc in Oil and Gas Technology  UDSM, Tanzania  NTNU  Petroleum  7 000 000
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Elisabeth Strand Vigtel
National EnPe coordinator

Rita Kumar
NTNU's EnPe coordinator