Information to NTNU supervisors of placement students

Information to NTNU supervisors of placement students 


What is considered a placement student?

Placement students are Bachelor’s and Master’s students coming to NTNU for a project, internship, thesis, or practical placement. These students can come both within and  outside of the regular semester dates.  

What is required by the student?

All placement students must fill in an application for studies at NTNU to be registered in the system.

Application deadlines:
Starting spring semester (1 January to 30 June)
•    1 October for everyone 
Starting autumn semester (I July to 31 December)
•    1 April for non-EU/non-EEA/Swiss citizens 
•    1 May for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

More information about the application procedures can be found here.

What is required by the supervisor?

Before accepting the student, the supervisor should make sure that the incoming student has the background required for the placement.

Missed the application deadline? 

All students should apply within the application deadline as this will make the process easier, faster, and more straightforward for all parties involved. 

If students do not apply within the deadline, please supply the Office of International Relations on your campus as soon as possible with the following information: 

  • Full name and e-mail address
  • Type of placement (Project/Thesis/Internship)
  • Exact duration for the exchange (date of arrival – date of departure)

We will make an application for them manually as the system will not allow them to apply. 

NB! Late applications might delay VISA applications and lower possibilities for student housing.


It is the Office of International Relations that is responsible for allocating student housing through Sit to international students, however, please be aware that students who do not apply within the application deadlines and/or come outside of the regular semester dates, may not be allocated student housing. Students should not book a room before they have received an email with a booking code from the Office of International Relations.

For more information, please see:

Housing in Trondheim
Housing in Gjøvik
Housing in Ålesund

Semester fee

Students who come from a university without an exchange agreement with NTNU (regardless of the period of their stay) must pay the semester fee. Students who come from a partner university are exempt from the semester fee.


Students at NTNU are not insured by NTNU, nor does NTNU offer insurance for students. This goes for regular degree students as well as for incoming exchange students. All incoming students are, therefore, advised to have their own individual insurance or to bring a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). 

Our legal advisor emphasizes that in cases where NTNU is accountable for accidents that occur in situations where students are involved, it is clear that NTNU will be responsible.


Contact the Office of International Relations


International House, O. S. Bragstads plass 3, 7491 Trondheim, Norway

Student drop-in: Due to Corona-measures, drop-in is currently not available. 

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Visiting address: Office G104, Teknologivegen 22, 2815 Gjøvik, Norway
Postal address: P.O. box 191, 2802 Gjøvik, Norway

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Visiting address: K-building, office numbers KP-245 and KP-246, Larsgårdsvegen 2, 6009 Ålesund
Postal address: P.O. Box 1517, 6025 Ålesund, Norway

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