IPL Conference 2019

Department of Education and Lifelong Learning

IPL Conference 2019

Quality = equality?: Qualities, differences and social justice

This year's topic: Quality in Education (QEd)
Date: 14 May 2019
Place: Auditorium D10 at Dragvoll campus


Diverse understandings, political ideologies and theoretical perspectives, nationally and internationally, saturate the academic as well as public debates regarding Quality in Education. The main topic of this conference is a critical reflection about different understandings of Quality in Education. It will focus on how educational policy and research considers the extent to which educational structures, discourses and practices lead to a more equitable education system and ultimately to a fairer society. How do the educational field consider social inequality, gender, disability and diversity when discussing quality in education? What understandings of quality is discussed, for whom and why?

The conference will focus on social justice in education in a lifelong perspective. Social justice recognizes and acts upon the power that we have, or not have, for making positive change. What are the differentiation mechanisms existing in schools and communities today, and what place does social justice have in education in a lifelong perspective? What is fair, for whom and why?

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