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Conferences and Seminars at NOSEB

Arrangements 2017

Children's rights in child protection cases.
NGO seminar at Norwegian Centre for Child Research, April 28.

Arrangements 2016

Youth, drugs and violence in Brazil.
Seminar at the Norwegian Centre for Child Research, September 28-29

Refugee children, rights and the best interest of the child: Experiences and challenges.
NGO Seminar at the Norwegian Centre for Child Research, April 19.

Arrangements 2015
Sustainable Development? Education, rights and (early) childhood in a global perspective.
NGO Seminar at the Norwegian Centre for Child Research, April 15

Nordic Seminar on African Childhoods
Scandic Nidelven Hotel, Trondheim, June 8 and 9

Arrangement 2014

Sustainable Development? Early Childhood Education and Care in Africa.
Seminar at the Norwegian Centre for Child Research, June 3 and 4

Arrangements 2009

The Modern Child and the Flexible Labour Market: Exploring Early Childhood Education and Care.
International conference in Trondheim, 29-30 April 2009

Arrangements 2008

Childhood - Yesterday, today, tomorrow
International anniversary conference in Trondheim, 22-23 April 2008

Child and teen consumption
International conference in Trondheim, 24-25 April 2008

Arrangements 2007

Childhood, food and nutrition: A cultural perspective
Workshop, 1–2 March 2007

Consuming children: Commercialisation and the changing construction of childhood
Workshop, 19-20 March 2007

Children, young people and local knowledge in Ethiopia and Zambia
NUFU workshop, 28-29 June 2007

Children's rights: Time and space. Childhood as a contested terrain?
PhD course, 25-28 September 2007

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