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Events year by year at Norwegian Centre for Child Research


17 April: NGO seminar on Challenging Rights – Children ‘at risk’ and their encounter with state agencies


28 April: NGO seminar on Children's rights in child protection cases

15-16 February: NOSEB arranges an International Workshop on Early Childhoods: Interpreting Theories, Policies and Practices in Development Work


14-18 November: NOSEB arranges a PhD course on Narratives of Childhood

13 October: Yisak Tafere will publicly defend his PhD thesis on Growing up in Poverty in Ethiopia: A Life Course Perspective

28-29 September: International Seminar Youth, Drugs and Violence in Brazil


12 June:  Mayumi Takahashi will publicly defend her PhD thesis on Young Children and Consumer Media Cultures in Japan: Mothering, Peer Relationships, Social Identities and Consumption Practices

5 June: Ann Sofi Larsen will publicly defend her PhD thesis on Forstyrrelsers paradoksale kraft – En studie om hvordan forstyrrelser kan virke produktivt i pedagogisk arbeid i barnehagen

15 April: NGO seminar. Guest lecturer: Professor Helen Penn, University of East London


17-18 March: Guest lectures by Dr. Davide Zoletto, University of Udine, Italy.

31 January: Karianne Franck will publicly defend her PhD thesis on Constructions of children in-between normality and deviance in Norwegian day-care centres.


9 December: Guest lecture by Yisak Tafere, Lead Qualitative Researcher for Young Lives (University of Oxford, UK) in Ethiopia.

Special issue of the journal Barn on 'School-age educare' - Call for papers.

12 April: Launch of the new book Childhood and Local Knowledge in Ethiopia. Livelihoods, rights and intergenerational relationships. Editors: Tatek Abebe and Anne Trine Kjørholt.

14 June: Tadesse Jaleta Jirata defended publicly his PhD thesis on Children and Oral Tradition among the Guji-Oromo in Southern Ethiopia.

11 January: Launch of the new book Cross-Cultural Child Research: Ethical Issues.


31 March: Deadline, call for papers for the Child and Teen Consumption 2012 Conference that will take place in December 2012 in Milan at IULM University.

27 January: Håvard Bjerke defended publicly his PhD thesis on Children's Perspectives on Citizenship ("Barns perspektiver på samfunnsborgerskap - kritiske refleksjoner om rettigheter, ansvar og deltakelse").

24-25 January: NOSEB arranged a PhD course on "Narratives of Childhood".


29 November: PhD candidate Ellen Ersfjord was interviewed in Adresseavisen about children and obesity.

7 November: NOSEB arranged a seminar for the master's students on children's rights and NGO work.

8 October: NOSEB's PhD candidate, Douglas T. Phiri, wrote a feature article in Lusaka Times on children's right to be heard by the Zambian government and NGOs.

22 September: Dr. Karen Nairn will give the guest lecture "Young People Researching their Peers: Possibilities and Limitations".

12-30 September: Dr. Karen Nairn from the College of Education, University of Otago, New Zealand, is guest researcher at NOSEB.

1 July:  Professor Randi Dyblie Nilsen was interviewed in the program Ekko on NRK P2 on children and being out in the nature. 

10 June: Seminar with Prof. Corsaro, Prof. Dyblie Nilsen and Dr. Bessell entitled "Community Studies: Italy, Norway and Australia".

25 April - 30 June:  Dr. Sharon Bessell  from the Australian National University is guest researcher at NOSEB. 11 May she gave a lecture entitled: 'Beyond Enrolments: Learning from Children and Young People's Views and Experiences of School and Education in Fiji' 

1 February:   Professor Robert Serpell from University of Zambia gives a guest lecture entitled "Can social responsibility be nurtured at school in middle childhood?"

27 January: Josée Archambault defended publicly her PhD thesis Refugee Children, Citizenship and 'the Best Interests of the Child'. Experiencing Settlement as New Citizens in Norway


5 October: Launch of the UN Habitat report 'State of the Urban Youth 2010/2011' at NTNU.

28 April: Book launch and guest lecture by Dr. Judith Ennew.

27 April: Director Anne Trine Kjørholt was interviewed by Norwegian radio ("Lang lunsj", NRK Østlandssendingen) about children's position in society.

16 April: The policy symposium "Rethinking the Child Consumer: New Realities, New Policies?" was arranged at Hotel Bristol in Oslo. An article about the symposium was published on the website of the Research Council of Norway on 20 April.


15 October: Associate Professor Ingunn Hagen at Department of Psychology has written a feature article about commercialisation of experiences. Hagen is participant in the project Consuming Children at NOSEB.

6 October: Project about children and mediation managed by Sintef Helse and Norwegian Centre for Child Research is presented in the Norwegian newspaper Vårt Land.

24 September: Post doc. Tatek Abebe has been interviewed by the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen, about orphan children in Ethiopia.

3 September: Director and Associate Professor Anne Trine Kjørholt participated in a debate at Litteraturhuset, about day-care centre research and ethics.

29 August: Researcher Tora Korsvold has written a feature article about day-care and politics. The article is published in the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen.

19 August: Launching of the book The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies. Adjunct Professor Jens Qvortrup is one of the three editors of the book.

4 July: PhD candidate Elin Birgitte Johansen has been interviewed about parental leave in the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen. 

14 May: Vice Director and Associate Professor Vebjørg Tingstad has been interviewed by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten about media and children's culture.

April: Reseachers at NOSEB have contributed to the book Children as Citizens? International Voices

29 - 30 April: The final conference marking the end of the project The Modern Child and the Flexible Labour Market was arranged at Britannia Hotel.

2 February: PhD candidate Håvard Bjerke in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. The topic of the article is children as citizens.

14 January: Vice Director and Associate Professor Vebjørg Tingstad has written a feature article about the tabloidification of the debate on early childhood education and care. The article is published in the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen.

13 January: Interview with PhD candidate Håvard Bjerke about the topic children as citizens. The interview is published on the webpages of the Research Council of Norway.

2 January: PhD student Gjertrud Stordal is interviewed on Norwegian radio on the subject of children from rural areas and obesity.


24 December: PhD student Gjertrud Stordal as co-author of feature article in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. 

20 November: "Why do we need Kindergartens?" Anne Trine Kjørholt speaks at Sosiologiforeningen (Sociological Society) in Trondheim.

15 September: Researcher Tora Korsvold in the Norwegian newspapers Aftenposten, Adresseavisen, Bergens Tidende and Stavanger Aftenblad about her new book Barn og barndom i velferdsstatens småbarnspolitikk.

27 August: Launching of new publication at the centre. Researcher Tora Korsvold has published her book Barn og barndom i velferdsstatens småbarnspolitikk.

18 - 22 August: The introductory days for new students in MPhil in Childhood Studies autumn semester 2008 took place during week 34. The new batch consists of 15 students from six different countries: Holland, Ghana, China, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Norway.

21 July: PhD candidate Ingvild Kvale Sørenssen has given an interview to Adresseavisen about children between 8 and 12 - tweens - and advertising.

13 June: Post. doc. Tatek Abebe has been interviewed about the topic "the politics of orphan care in Ethiopia". The interview is published at Central Queensland University, Australia.

4 June: Associate Professor Ingunn Hagen at the Department of Psychology talks about NOSEB's project Consuming Children on Norwegian radio.

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