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The Journal Barn

The Journal Barn is now available in Open Access. Single issues of journals from 2017 and older can be ordered by indicating the number and year. Single issue prices vary.

Call for papers! Special Issue on
Picture Books – Learning Processes and Educational Journeys
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 1 October 2019

Information on Barn
The quarterly journal Barn is a well-established Nordic peer reviewed journal which came out for the first time in 1983. Barn has an interdisciplinary profile, and presents articles within various academic disciplines such as: sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, pedagogy, geography, architecture, philosophy etc. Articles in Barn are published primarily in one of the three Scandinavian languages.

Among the many special issues published over the years are issues on children's rights, children in the local society, children and philosophy, children and cultural meetings, children and childhood in history, children and poverty, digital media in the everyday life of children and young people, children and parent support in the Nordic countries.

The editorial team is working to create an informative journal with articles of current interest which should reach researchers, practitioners and decision-makers. In addition to ordinary articles, Barn publishes book reviews, summaries of doctoral theses and scholarly comments on children's social relations and culture.

Barn is listed on level 1 in the Norwegian register of scientific journals, series and publishers by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD)

Editorial team:
Marit Ursin, Editor-in-Chief, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, NTNU, Norway
Crisstina Munck, Editor, UCC University College, Danmark
Ida Marie Lyså, Editor, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, NTNU, Norway
Karin Zetterqvist Nelsson, Editor, Child Studies, Linköping University, Sweden 
Ragnhild Berge, Managing Editor, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, NTNU, Norway

Editorial board:
Guðný Björk Eydal, University of Iceland
Karen Fog Olwig, University of Copenhagen
Bengt Sandin, Linköping University

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Contact Information NOSEB

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