Notes for contributors - Journal Barn

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Notes for contributors - Journal Barn

Contributors are invited to submit to the journal Barn research articles, book reviews and research notes within child and childhood research.

The journal Barn offers double-blinded peer-review. Authors should specify if they wish their paper to be peer-reviewed. The Editors decide whether the manuscript qualifies for peer-review.

Authors should note the following:

  • Articles should be written in a Scandinavian language. In specific cases and after having consulted the Editorial Office, authors could submit articles in English.
  • Articles must not exceed 15 pages (approximately 7000 words), including notes, references, figures and tables.
  • Articles should be preceded by an abstract (maximum 150 words) of the main argument(s). In addition, all articles written in a Scandinavian language must include a translation into English of the abstract and the article title.
  • Authors’ names, affiliations, postal addresses, and email addresses should be included.
  • A brief biography should be included, presenting the authors’ position, research fields of interest and 1-2 recent publications.
  • Head titles and subtitles should be clearly marked.
  • To underline special words or expressions pls. use italics.
  • Quotations should be marked with quotation marks: ”X”.
  • References to, or quotations from, texts should be followed by the author’s name and year of publication of the text/article in brackets, e.g.: “Buckingham’s (2009) research illustrates the same process” or “The research method is close-reading (Vänskä 2006: 15–16)”.
  • Reference list and notes should be listed at the end of the article, following the Harvard system of referencing, with minor changes which are special for Barn, e.g.:
  • Strandell, H. 2007. New childhood space and the question of difference. In: H. Zeiher, D. Devine, A. T. Kjørholt and H. Strandell, eds. Flexible Childhood? Exploring Children’s Welfare in Time and Space. Odense: University Press of Southern Denmark.
  • Belsky, J. 2001. Developmental risks (still associated with early childcare). Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 42: 845–859.

All submissions should be sent to Ragnhild Berge, Managing Editor

Notes for contributors in Norwegian.

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