November 6th and 7th

fMRI 20-year Anniversary Seminar

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November 6th - 7th 2019; Kunnskapssenteret, St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim

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National Norwegian Advisory Unit for functional MRI and the fMRI group welcome clinicians, scientists, PhD candidates and others with interest in functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to the 20-year anniversary seminar for fMRI at St. Olavs hospital/NTNU.

International experts in fMRI will cover topics from the discovery of the BOLD phenomenon by Professor S. Ogawa (Sendai University, Japan), the underpinnings of the fMRI signal with Professor D, Attwell (UCL, UK), fMRI design and analyses (Professor A, Dale, UCSD, US), different MRI contrast mechanisms to uncover brain activity by Dr. W. van der Zwaag (Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging, the Netherlands), fMRI statistics with Dr. A. Winkler (NIH, US) and Methodological approaches to multicenter brain imaging by Assistant professor Neda Jahanshad (USC, US)

National experts will cover a variety of fMRI paradigm designs and behavioral logging, pharmacological fMRI, clinical use, statistical advice and future perspectives. Please see the exciting programs for all the details.

The seminar is approved as 1 ECT for PhD students, which requires attendance and achieving at least a score of 73% on a computerized multiple choice exam to be taken at home after the course.

The seminar is approved for specialists within neurology and rehabilitation:

  • Nevrologi (14 t videre- og etterutdanning )
  • Fysikalsk medisin og rehabilitering (14t timer spesialistenes etterutdanning).
Time Description  
09:00 Registration opens  
09:45 Welcome Professor Asta Håberg
09:50 Anniversary introduction Professor Olav Haraldseth and MR radiographer Knut Nordlid
10:10 Introduction to seminar Associate professor Live Eikenes
  The discovery, origin and analysis of the BOLD signal  
10:20 Discovery of the BOLD signal and significance for modern clinical and experimental studies of brain function Professor S Ogawa, Sendai University, Japan
11:05 Break/refreshments  
11:20 Capillary pericytes: their role in neurovascular coupling, generation of BOLD signals, stroke and Alzheimer's disease Professor D Attwell, UCL, UK
12:10 The evolution of fMRI analyses methods; from block design and event related analysis to resting state fMRI Professor A Dale, UCSD, US
13:00 Lunch  
  Applied fMRI session  
14:00 fMRI in presurgical planning E Berntsen, St. Olav/NTNU (multiparametric MRI)
14:30 Pain processing S Leknes, University of Oslo (pharmacological fMRI)
15:00 From lesion studies to basic cognition, frontoparietal experiences from fMRI Tor Endestad, UiO (lesion studies and fMRI)
15:30 Break/Refreshments  
15:45 Cognitive control in neurodevelopmental versus acquired brain injury Associate professor Alexander Olsen NTNU/St. Olavs (understanding neurobiological underpinnings of similar symptomatology due to different types of brain injuries)
16:15 The neural signature of mind-wandering: A combined EEG and fMRI study Associate professor Matthias Mittner, UiT (resting state fMRI)
16:45 Conditioned Avoidance Response - translating an experimental animal paradigm to an fMRI paradigm Professor Jimmy Jenssen, HK, Sweden (translational approaches from animal models to human fMRI studies)
17:20 End of day 1  
17:25 Bus to Rockeheim with a short guided tour at the museum, or walking guided tour of Trondheim from St. Olavs to Rockheim  
18:45 Dinner at Rockheim  
Time Description  
  fMRI methodology  
09.00 Alternative methods for non-invasive MRI based decoding of brain activity MR physicist Dr. Wietske van der Zwaag, Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging, the Netherlands (alternatives to T2* BOLD fMRI)
09:45 Statistical analysis of fMRI data Dr. Hallvard R Evensmoen, NTNU (univariate, mulitivariate and connectivity analyses)
10:30 Break refreshments  
11:00 Statistical challenges in fMRI Dr. Anderson Winkler, NIH
11:45 Reproducibility of fMRI Professor Karsten Specht, University of Bergen, Norway
12:30 7T fMRI and the new national RCN financed clinical 7T MRI infrastructure Professors Pål Erik Goa/Raphael Kaplan
13:00 Lunch  
  fMRI methodology continued  
14:00 Methodological approaches to multicenter brain imaging initiatives Assistant professor Neda Jahanshad, USC, US
  Applied fMRI  
14:30 Understanding human navigation, combining behavioral data during fMRI with fMRI analysis Dr. Tobias Navarro Schröder, NTNU (combining behavioral data during fMRI with fMRI analysis)
15:00 fMRI in health and disease Professor Asta Håberg, NTNU/St. Olavs (fMRI to understand neuronal plasticity)
  The Future  
15:20 Future perspectives on fMRI Professor Kenneth Hugdahl, University of Bergen, Norway
15:55 Meeting summary and wrap up  
16:00 End  


The fasade of Scandic Bakklandet

Practical Information

A limited amount of hotel rooms is reserved for the conference at Scandic Bakklandet. The cost is 1340 NOK if you provide the capaign code BNTN061119.

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