Abersim simulation software

Abersim© 2.0 is open source software with a GNU General Public License.

Abersim© is a toolkit for simulating 3D nonlinear acoustic forward wave propagation through an attenuating medium. It is designed for use within the field of medical ultrasound imaging, but this does not exclude other areas. It has a MATLAB interface, which enables the use of MATLAB for visualization, pre- and post processing. The core routines have been implemented in C for efficiency, and to take advantage of MPI parallel computing resources.

Abersim© has been developed by a group of scientists (The Abersim Team) for the past 10 years at the Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

Abersim© has previously been validated through comparison of 2D simulations to analytic solutions, a numerical solution to the full wave equation and experimental measurements in water [1, 2].

Abersim© offers:

  • A simulation program for 3D nonlinear medical ultrasound acoustic wave propagation for arbitrary pulses and arbitrary transducer geometries.
  • Includes frequency dependent absorption and models of heterogeneous tissue.
  • A large degree of freedom for the user to specify input pulses and pulsing schemes.
  • All source code available.
  • Comes in a pure MATLAB version, a MATLAB + core routines in C compiled via the MATLAB MEX interface, and a stand-alone C version for batch processing.
  • Parallellized C version using MPI (Message Passing Interface) for use on clusters or supercomputers (to be released soon).

The Abersim Team, 2008.

[1] T. Varslot and G. Taraldsen, Computer Simulation of Forward Wave Propagation in Soft Tissue, IEEE Trans. on UFFC, 52(9):1473-1482, 2005.

[2] T. Varslot and S.-E. Måsøy, Forward propagation of acoustic pressure pulses in 3D soft biological tissue, Modeling, Identification and Control, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 181-200, 2006.


The Abersim software is currently not maintained or updated. The C-version is currently outdated and relies on old libraries making the compilation process difficult.

An overhaul is planned in near future.

Abersim© 2.0 is released free of charge as open source software with a GNU General Public License.

The Abersim Team.

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