Financial support

Financial support

The total budget for the CALST project is well over 10 million Norwegian krones.

The first CALST project was supported financially by Norway Opening Universities (Norgesuniversitetet) for the period from August 2009-August 2012.

NTNU, Faculty of Humanities as well as the Department of Language and Communication Studies have also contributed to the project, among other things by financing L1-L2map.

The webification of CALST and large parts of the following development of the platform were funded by VOX.

NTNU has contributed with financial support to the development of exercises for lexical tone and intonation.

Several ministries, amongst others Kommunal- og regionaldepartementet (KRD), Barne- og likestillingsdepartmentet (BLD) and Arbeidsdepartementet (AD), have funded further research in the CALST project through VOX, now Kompetanse Norge.

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