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The last day for registration for exams  is 15 September for the autumn semester and 1. February for the spring semester. Register online at Studentweb. If you fail to meet this deadline, you will not be able to sit the exam that semester.

Examination dates and information concerning time, duration and location of the exams are published at the start of every semester. Please note that the location is announced three days prior to each exam date.

Examination dates and location are also made available on Studentweb.

All exams are submitted anonymously, using your candidate number and not your name.

Oral examinations

Please contact the Department for information about dates for oral examinations.

Master's thesis oral examinations are held approximately one month after the submission of the master's thesis. The candidate will be informed about the grade of his or her thesis one hour prior to the oral examination.


Unless it is explicitly stated otherwise in the course description, only monolingual dictionaries approved by the Department are allowed during the examination. Please consult the list of required reading (pensumhefte) for a list of dictionaries that are currently approved for use.

ENG1201 Proficiency - Information for non-native speakers of Norwegian:

This course requires proficiency in Norwegian, as one of the components of the exam is translation from Norwegian to English. Non-native speakers of Norwegian may apply for permission to use a bilingual dictionary between Norwegian and their first language during this exam. English to first language dictionaries will not be approved.

It is also possible to apply for alternative exam questions that do not require Norwegian proficiency. Applications must be submitted to the Department before 15 October (autumn semester) or 15 March (spring semester). Applications must be renewed by the deadlines stated above every semester. Please note that students who wish to resit an exam must also resubmit their application for alternative exam questions.

If you are considering applying for alternative exam questions, we strongly recommend that you first contact the lecturer in charge of the course in question.