Literary and Cultural Archives in the Digital Age (LCADA)

Digital archive

LCADA is a meeting point for scholars of literature and cultural history whose research incorporates a significant proportion of archive-based work. It brings together scholars who have diverse fields of interest but who are confronted with similar methodological and theoretical challenges with regard to the mining of archives as a foundation for their research.

Digital archives have long been facilitating many types of research; they have simplified numerous types of investigation. But the rise of digital archives has not simplified the broad activity of archival research or what can be called the science of the archive. There remain swathes of undigitized archives, and digital archives themselves have a history which needs to be considered by current researchers, who, unlike their pre-digital forebears, must now develop the skills to work effectively within traditional/physical archives, early digital archives, as well as the most recently developed digital archives.

LCADA is conceived as a forum which will enable scholars of literature and cultural history to share experiences and knowledge of archive-based research. It fosters collaboration at the methodological and theoretical level among scholars whose areas of research are distinct in terms of national focus (Scandinavian, American, British, French, transnational), historical period, and object of investigation (literary history, periodical publication, poetry, political history, newspapers, theatre history).