People and collaborators

Maria Boer Johannesen Maria Boer Johannessen (Ph.d.-student)

Maria has studied English, Norwegian and French, and she has a master degree in English linguistics from 2014, with the thesis entitled “Alt er awesome i mitt liv – Social motivations for Norwegian-English code-switching”. In her ph.d project, Maria will study semantic, pragmatic and sociolinguistic aspects of the Norwegian tag ‘ass’.


Kaja BorthenKaja Borthen (project leader)

Kaja Borthen is professor in linguistics with specialization in semantics and pragmatics. She has worked on topics such as bare nouns, referring expressions and reference assignment, implicature and pragmatic particles, with a focus on Norwegian. In addition to pragmatics and relevance theory, she has also worked on syntax and semantics within the framework Head-driven Phrase structure Grammar.


Christoph UngerChristoph Unger (post doc)

Christoph Unger has a PhD in linguistics from University College London. He is studying the role of pragmatic particles in audience’s comprehension of the speaker’s meaning and in the speakers’ attempts to persuade the audience to believe what they wanted to communicate. In particular, he explores how the theory of procedural semantics helps to account for these functions of pragmatic particles. He has also worked on the pragmatics of genre, allegory and metaphor comprehension and Kurdish linguistics from a relevance theory perspective.



Elena Karagjósova (researcher)

Åshild Søfteland (postdoc)

Åshild Klepsvik (assistant)

Espen Utne Landgraff (assistant)

Signe Rix Berthelin (collaborator)

Perlaug Marie Kveen (collaborator)


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In memory of Regina Blass

Professor Regina Blass has been a major inspiration for central ideas in this project. She was originally part of the project's expert panel, but sadly passed away May 1 2015.

She will be deeply missed, both scientifically and as a colleague and friend.