Web-based language learning (Norwegian)

Interdisciplinarity is an important priority to the department, and several cooperation projects are well under way, e.g. between Norwegian as a second language and phonetics, and linguistics and applied linguistics. Our staff is currently participating in various local and international research projects, such as:

CALST - The Computer-Assisted Listening and Speaking Tutor

CALST. Logo. Do you speak a foreign language in addition to Norwegian? Or maybe you teach foreign students Norwegian? If yes, I guess you probably know how difficult it can be to learn how to pronounce words correctly. The computer programme CALST may be of great help to those learning Norwegian.

NoW - Norwegian on the Web 

The NoW projects are web based Norwegian courses free of charge. The courses are developed by Norwegian teachers working at the Department of Language and Literature.

Logo NoW

The NoW course is a Norwegian Course for beginners. 



Logo. Now 2 The Now2-course is based on NoW and equivalent to Level 2 in our regular Norwegian courses. 


NTNU has collaborated with other educational institutions in order to create tailor-made versions of NoW. These may be used free of charge.

Learn Now LearnNoW - in collaboration with VOX (Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning) - an agency of the Ministry of Education and Research.

Logo NoWiNNoWiN - in collaboration with Narvik University College (HiN).