The Health and Work Inclusion Network

HealthWIN is a research collaboration initiative from the public health departments in Trondheim (NTNU) including the HUNT Research Centre in Levanger, Tromsø, Oslo, the Socialmedicin unit at MarselisborgCentret, Aarhus University in Denmark.

There is a long tradition for social security research in these institutions, however, the research collaboration was intensified by a grant from the Norwegian Reaseach Council in 2007 (Fraværsprogrammet).

HealthWIN aims to study why an increasing proportion of the young population is either not included, or prematurely excluded, from the working force, thereby accounting for long term (life long) disability pensions or social security support. The present network takes advantage of the Young-HUNT database in the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study and the Nordland County Health Survey. Linking baseline data from these databases to the national social security register (FD-trygd) allows for prospective research designs. Additional subprojects include a qualitative (focus group design) study of young long term sick listed people in Nord-Trøndelag, and recently collected data from a controlled intervention introducing dialogue and extended self-certified sick leave options among municipality employees in Kristiansand. This substudy will extend to a Norwegian-Danish co-operation exploring attitudes and sick leave behaviours in two different cultural settings with different constraints in Kristiansand and Århus.