Thank you for making the symposium truly successful!

Thank you for making the symposium truly successful!

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for coming, for sharing your state-of-the-art reserch on anti-icing materials, for the research needs you presented on behalf on your company, all in all, for making this symposium so successful! We will continue to engage you in one way or another.

Best, Zhiliang Zhang




Preventing the formation and accretion of ice on exposed surfaces is of great importance for wind energy, solar energy, transport, electrical transmission cables in air, shipping and Arctic operation in Norway and internationally. In the last years, tremendous success has been made in creating superhydrophobic as well as anti-icing surfaces.

Under the framework of the ongoing research projects financed by the Research Council of Norway, NTNU Nanomechanical Lab is going to organize an International Symposium on Materials for Anti-icing, 27-28 May 2019, at Trondheim, Norway. Internationally renowned scientists will come to the symposium to discuss the stat-of-the-art and future perspectives in all aspects of materials for anti-icing and de-icing, including repelling water droplets, suppressing ice nucleation and lowering ice adhesion.

Zhiliang Zhang

NTNU Nanomechanical Lab