Elections, values and political communication

For several decades researchers at the Department of Sociology and Political Science have contributed to national and international research on elections and political behaviour with studies of elections, electoral campaigns, conflicts of values, changes of values, referendums and political trust. They have also contributed to the development of a diversity of methods in the study of political behaviour and political communication. Our researchers are key professionals in Norway on these issues.

Future research topics for this research community will be the influence of media on public opinion, and studies of public opinion and the debate connected to immigration. Our researchers will also continue working with European Value Studies, and increased contribution to future Election Studies.

The research community has received external funding for projects, and manages the EU-funded project COST Action: Populist Political Communication in Europe.

Video: Produced for the COST-Project, and won the EU Commision's EUFACTS video award

In 2016, the research community was allocated an NTNU Onsager Fellowship. 

Researchers in this priority area participate in research networks and research cooperation nationally and internationally. Professor Anders Todal Jensen and Professor Toril Aalberg are two of the most profiled researchers at NTNU.      


Recent publications

Toril Aalberg, Frank Esser, Carsten Reinemann, Jesper Stromback, Claes de Vreese (red) (2017) Populist Political Communication in Europe.





December 2017: Professor Anders Todal Jenssen and the research group on Elections, Values and Political Communication receives FRIPRO funds from Norwegian Research Council for the Norwegian part of the 2017/2018 European Values Study.