Geographical mobility and development in rural and urban areas

Various kinds of migration and mobility are the basis for several research projects in the Department. An important issue is rural mobility (e.g. immigration/emigration, tourism, commuting) and growing economic, social and cultural diversity in rural areas. Another research interest is the cause and impact of international immigration. The Center for Rural Research, Norway, is an important partner in a number of our projects.

The research group also studies different local communities (rural communities, urban and rural neighbourhoods, small villages and other small, restricted interaction areas), and how the design of these affects peoples’ everyday life.

The department also has a increasing research activity on the results of social interaction and how this is affected by the physical environment. This research is mainly carried out in urban areas (buildings, open spaces) and meeting places and events (cafés, business localities, festivals etc.). The enterprise Sosiologisk Poliklinikk (the Sociology Clinic) collaborates with external public and private actors (contract and applied research) on these issues and is simultaneously a dissemination arena for sociology in general.



Global Labour in Rural Societies (2017-2020)                                     Sociology clinic


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