Welfare state, market and health policy

The priority area Welfare State, Market and Health Policy, is primarily rooted in public politics and administration, and includes both policy-analysis, implementation studies and impact studies. In addition, studies of political economy contribute to the understanding of the interface between market and state. Researchers use both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

The research community is particularly engaged with issues of health- and welfare policy, and in the political economy of these issues. The welfare state is an institutional arena undergoing fundamental and rapid change, and an increasing number of political scientists are involved in research on management, administration and government in this sector. Changing public and private roles, new finance models, and management and delivery of the services raise important questions from a political science perspective. A particularly important issue for the research community is the role of the nation state in the welfare state and whether and how this has changed.

The research community has numerous publications and a considerable research network nationally and internationally. Professor Pål Martinussen has a part-time position as research coordinator for the National Network of Heath Service Research and is member of the management team in NTNU Health, one of NTNU’s Strategic Research Areas. The research community is also represented in the European Health Policy Group.