Research at the Department of Sociology and Political Science

Research at the Department of Sociology and Political Science

Toril Aalberg and Anders Todal Jenssen. Photo.

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Researchers in the department carry out basic scientific research in the social sciences, and are committed to the development of sociology, political science, sport science, and media studies. This is also the foundation of teaching offered by the department.

The Department had the following research groups/strategic research areas:

Sport Science

Political Science

It is an important objective of the department that our researchers participate in, and contribute to the development of multidisciplinary research collaboration, where this collaboration aims to show the association between the social sciences and NTNU’s mission in society. Research activities in the department are intended to be of clear relevance and attachment to the strategic research areas of the NTNU Energy, NTNU Health, NTNU Oceans and NTNU Sustainability.

Our researchers contribute to the principal debates in their field and in the disciplines represented in the department. The research is based on a thorough and critical reading of the most relevant and recent literature; it is an aim that our research groups shall contribute to development of theory in their fields. Our research shall be of the highest standards, based upon participation in renowned national and international research communities and networks.

In terms of methodology, the department has a solid reputation and is acknowledged both nationally and internationally. The methodological choices, upon which our research is based, are carefully considered, and we have awareness and insight into the implications of methodological choice upon the results of our research. The research shall be precise and thorough, and conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Our researchers shall adhere to the ethical guidelines for research at all stages of the research process.

Dissemination of our research is a crucial task for the department, and our researchers are committed to making our research results available to the public at the local, national and international levels.

ISS offers PhD programs in sociology and political science, preparing candidates for careers in research and teaching in leading institutions, and for positions where high competence and analytical skills are required. The PhD candidates in sociology and political science are presented with the opportunity to be involved in leading research both regarding methods and scientific theory in their field. All PhD projects are intended to be carried out in active research groups and we also encourage our PhD candidates to be active participants in international networks and the research community. The department also takes a national responsibility for research education in our disciplines.