2012 Japan Seminar

2011 Japan seminar

NTNUs Japan seminar 2011: Renewables and Energy Security in Japan, East Asia and Norway.

2011 NTNU Japan Seminar, "Renewables and Energy Security in Japan, East Asia and Norway", 9-10 November 2011

The 2011 Norwegian University for Science & Technology (NTNU) Japan Seminar will focus on an ever more pressing theme, global energy security, the emergence of renewable energy sources, and how this relates to Japan, East Asia and Norway. Due to eventual resource depletion, the threat of global warming, and advancing technology, renewable energy will, more or less by default, end up playing a much larger role in the future energy security and CO2 reduction strategies of many nations. The seminar will focus on countries and regions that share both major commonalities and differences in their energy strategies and renewable energy policies.

Both Japan and Norway are countries with powerful energy lobbies. This strongly affects energy policy-making in both countries. Also, Japan's devastating "3-11" March 2011 earthquake and tsunami calls into question Japan's previous strategy of enhancing energy security and reducing green house emissions by building a large number of new nuclear power plants. High economic growth in East Asia, particularly China, is the most important reason why the demand for energy will only keep expanding and East Asia is already one of the most important regions of the world, in terms both of demand for and supply of energy in general, and renewable energy more specifically. The seminar will host panels focusing specifically on the energy security situation of these countries and regions. It will host panels on technological and industrial challenges for renewable, and it will host panels on industrial policy and renewables as well as on policy recommendations for drawing renewables and energy security together in a common strategy.