Political economy - national and international

Political economy and international political economy is the main focus in research undertaken by a number of staff at the Department. The main issue for researchers is how political forces form and create external conditions for the actions and interactions of economic actors – and how economic actors and economic realities influence political and social conditions.

The research community employs both qualitative and quantitative research methods, and undertake both theoretical and empirical studies. Their extensive research activity includes studies of financial politics and financial crises, multinational companies and foreign investment, political risk in international trade, international development, causes and consequences of migration, oil policy, the impact of international and national economic institutions, the relationship between economic globalization and institutional, social and economic development, the impact of economic factors on armed conflicts, climate politics, energy security and energy policy. The research group has received funding from the EU program ECHOES. This will finance a post-doc position on possibilities for change of energy behaviour at the macro level.