Regional studies: East-Asia and Eastern Europe

Regional studies is part of political science research at the Department, and is mainly concentrated on the two regions: Japan/East Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Japan and East Asia research is primarily associated with the NTNU Japan Program. This commenced with Japan, but later expanded to include China. This region is increasingly important due to geopolitical changes and the strong economic growth in China. Important research topics are political, economic and social factors that facilitate or hamper renewable energy and nuclear power in Japan and East Asia, and non-Western models for knowledge development and technological management. Another research topic is how imperialism in East Asia is influencing global security. This research also has a comparative perspective looking for knowledge and experiences that can be transferred to Norwegian and Scandinavian reality. Our researchers are engaged in projects related to the NTNU Strategic Research Area NTNU Sustainability and have close cooperation with the research communities in technology at NTNU.

Eastern Europe research at the Department concerns studies of East European history and politics, religion and politics, and the history of political thinking. One important part of this research is the book series on democratization of the national states that were formed after Yugoslavia.