Power and problems of global order

Department of Sociology and Political Science has an active research community on foreign- and security policy issues.

Studies are made of the characteristics of foreign policy of national states, and analyze differences and similarities in the orientation and behaviour of the foreign policy of these states. Research includes knowledge and perspectives both from history and all branches of political science including international politics, comparative politics, political behavior, and public politics and administration.

The basis of the research is mainly historical, case-focused and analytic-theoretical, rooted both in international political theory and foreign policy analysis. Research on the use of power, and the national contribution to multinational military operations will be a priority area in the future, building on the project ‘Politics of Caveats in the Multinational Military Operations’.

The research community has a considerable research network nationally and internationally. There has been close cooperation with Norwegian Armed Forces and the Norwegian Air Force, which has resulted in joint book projects in recent years. Professor Torbjørn Knutsen has a Professor II position at the Norwegian Air Force Academy, and our researchers also teach at the Norwegian Military Academies. In 2015, a scholarship for a master thesis on military power in a political perspective was established.

Latest publications

Torbjørn Knutsen (2016): A history of International Relations Theory