Master´s thesis regulation

The majority of Master's students at the IV faculty complete their Master's thesis in their 10th semester (students in our 5-year Master's programmes), or in their 4th semester (students in our 2-year Master's programmes). The duration of the thesis is normally 20 weeks (+1 week extra for students doing thesis work during Easter or Christmas holidays). Students working as scientific assistants can apply for an extended duration of their thesis work, in relation to their added workload.

Before you can start working on your Master's thesis, the general rule is that all other courses needed to complete your degree must be completed in advance. In certain cases, students can be allowed to begin their thesis work with remaining courses. In such cases, the students must send a written application to the faculty, asking to begin their thesis work even with remaining courses. The application must be signed by the student's thesis supervisor, confirming that the remaining course(s) will not affect the student's ability to complete the thesis. Please note that:

  • Students are not allowed to begin their thesis work until they have submitted their Specialization Project, as the project is an essential part in the preparation of each student's thesis work
  • No more than 2 remaining courses are allowed
  • For students in our 5-year programmes, all 1st and 2nd year courses must be completed before the students can begin their thesis work
  • The remaining course(s) cannot be of significant importance to the student's thesis work
  • Any compulsory field work in the student's programme must be completed

Students in one of our Norwegian degree programmes must have completed the compulsory amount of work experience required in their programme (12 weeks for students in 5-year programmes, 6 weeks for students in 2-year programmes). Students in our 2-year international Master's programmes have no compulsory requirements for work experience as part of their degree.

Formalities which must be completed before you can begin your thesis work

In order to begin work on your Master's thesis, you must first find someone to supervise your thesis work. The supervisor must be an NTNU employee (a professor, adjunct professor, associate professor or assistant professor), even if you are writing your thesis in an organization which is not a part of NTNU. If you need more advice on selecting a subject for your Master's thesis, please contact the department responsible for your academic field of interest.

The deadline to register to begin your thesis work in 2016 is 15 January. You must register your thesis in our web portal for Master's theses, DAIM (, before the deadline expires.

Your Master's thesis contract can be printed directly from DAIM after you have filled in all the necessary information. The contract must then be signed by both you and your thesis supervisor. You must deliver the completed and signed Master's thesis contract, as well as additional forms and agreements (if any) to your department by 15 January.

In addition to registering in DAIM, you must also register to take the Master's thesis and confirm your study plan in Studentweb, before the deadline 1 February. You will be unable to register for the thesis or any other courses after the deadline has passed.

Working on your thesis

Your thesis work can be done in the following ways:

  • Individually
  • In a group, where each student is evaluated individually
  • In a group, where all the students are evaluated together as group

All students are entitled to work on their thesis individually if they wish. If students choose to work together in a group, they must assemble the group themselves, and the group must be approved by the students' thesis supervisor. In cases where students work in a group, but each student is evaluated individually, every student's contribution to the thesis must be clear and easy to identify as an individual part. When students are working together in a group, they must sign a special written agreement with their supervisor before beginning their thesis work.

The language of the Master's thesis

Master's theses written in Norwegian must have a summary in English or another relevant second language. Theses written in a non-Scandinavian language must have a short summary in Norwegian. Students writing their Master's thesis in a non-Scandinavian language, who themselves do not have a Scandinavian language as their first language, must include a short summary of the thesis in English.

Writing your thesis outside of NTNU

The IVT faculty has strong links to Norwegian industry, and many students choose to write their thesis in cooperation with a company or institution outside of NTNU. In such cases, the students must have the approval of the faculty in advance, and must also have a co-supervisor at their preferred company or institution in addition to their NTNU supervisor.

If you are planning to write your Master's thesis outside of NTNU, please make sure to fill in the name of the company or institution as well as the name of your external co-supervisor in DAIM.

The student, the supervisor and the company or institution must sign a standard agreement concerning the use of results produced in the Master's thesis. In such cases, 4 copies of our standard agreement  must be filled out, approved by the department, and signed by all 4 parties (student, supervisor, company/institution and department). All 4 parties will receive a copy of the signed agreement.

Also, additional agreements may be signed, such as a confidenciality agreement between the student and the company or institution.

Writing your thesis abroad

The time frame  to write your Master's thesis at a university abroad is 6 months. If you are not returning to NTNU to hand in your thesis, you should hand in keys and other equipment, and make sure to get all the necessary signatures on your thesis completion form before you leave.

Does your thesis work involve gathering data about people?

Student and research projects which involve the use of electronically stored personal data, must be reported to The Data Protection Official for Research (NSD). Researchers, advisors, students and others who are in need of advice or counseling concerning the use of personal data, should contact NTNU's contact person for NSD matters, Anne Marie Snekvik.

Usage of the Master's thesis

The completed Master's thesis with attachments may according to NTNU's study regulations, § 20.3.6, be freely used by NTNU for educational and research purposes. A student's thesis may not be used for other purposes, such as for economic gain, except by agreement between the university and the student in question.

All Master's theses are published electronically in NTNU's institutional archive, DIVA. Students wishing to publish their thesis electronically, must sign an agreement to confirm this. You will find instructions on how to do that in DAIM.

Handing in your thesis

The finished thesis must be delivered to your department before the agreed deadline. The thesis completion form can be found in DAIM, and must be filled in, printed and delivered to the IVT faculty's reception as soon as you have handed in your thesis.

Applying for an extended thesis deadline

If you have been delayed in your thesis work due to technical problems, illness or other issues, you may apply to the IVT faculty to have your thesis deadline extended. In that case, you must send a written application to the Faculty in good time before the existing deadline expires.  If you do not hand in your thesis before the agreed deadline (including any extensions which have been approved by the faculty), your thesis will be evaluated as "not completed". In such cases, you may hand in a new or reviewed thesis once. If your thesis has received a passing grade, you may not voluntarily hand in a new or reviewed thesis in order to improve your grade.  

If you should have any questions concerning the above regulations, you are welcome to contact the students advisors at the IV faculty.


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