Students at Gloshaugen

Matriculation Ceremony 2016

Welcome to all new master students at the Faculty of Engineering (IV).

All new students at the IV-faculty must be present in week 33 when the semester starts. The Matriculation Ceremony for new students takes place at August 16 09.15 at the lawn outside the main building of Campus Gløshaugen. Following this ceremony, there is a Matriculation Ceremony part 2 for each study programme. See the table below to find where the ceremony for your study program is held.

Attendance is compulsory this week, so please make sure that you will be able to attend. The lectures in master courses will begin in week 34.

International student? Make sure that you attend the Orientation week (August 15 - 21).

If you have any questions, please contact study advisors at the IV-faculty by email:

What to wear?

The Matriculation Ceremony is a celebratory event, so students are encouraged to dress up. However, as the first part of the Ceremony takes place outdoors, it is good idea to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Wearing comfortable shoes is also a good tip.