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Organic waste to simultaneous bio-methane, producer gas and bio-plastic (BIOGASPLAS): a zero-waste bio-economy concept.

BIOGASPLAS, a qualification project granted for a year by the Regional Research Funding Norway (RFF) under bio-economy concept, intends to evaluate the possibility of designing a near zero-waste biorefinery technology that turns organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) into simultaneous high-energy value bio-methane, producer gas and bio-plastic to contribute to the regional sustainable energy development.

The project during its different phases is aimed to explore the following five approaches, and the final results obtained are likely to form a basis to lead to a full research project under local or international grant frameworks (i.e., research council of Norway and European Commision).

The project approaches are divided into the following five work packages: 

WP1: Exploring biogas upgrading techniques.

WP2: Investigating conditions for producing hydrochar using anaerobic digestion digestate.

WP3: Exploring biomass gasification process.

WP4: Selection of a suitable technique to convert liquid effluent from hydrochar production process to bio-plastic.

WP5: Evaluation of potential constraints and prospects towards commercialization of BIOGASPLAS project.

The project scheme is given below:

Project scheme for Biogasplas

Project Manager: Associate Professor Shiplu Sarker

Project owner: Head of department Torbjørn Skogsrød

Project partners: Mjøsanlegget AS, and Professor Alemayehu Gebremedhin,

Project length: 1 year (2020-2021)



Shiplu Sarker
Associate Professor