Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering

Geomatics Lab

Geomatics Lab supports geomatics activities, primarily related to teaching, but also to research in geomatics. It offers a collection of equipment (instruments and software).


Access to relevant surveying instruments are important. Geomatics lab has stations, scanners and other kinds of instruments. An agreement with Leica Geosystems provide updated equipment.

When not in use, store the equipment in the warehouse in the basement of building B.

Geomatics lab has licenses on a good range of relevant software packages for preparation and processing of measurements.


Our equipment for GIS oriented activities is mostly limited to software. If you wish to use the available software, you will need an appropriate computer.

Software packages

Some of these software packages has a limited number of licenses. In some cases these will be reserved for students on relevant subjects.

  • ESRI Site campus license that includes most of the Arc software
  • Winmap
  • GISLine
  • Enterprice Architect from Sparxsystems
  • Gemini surveying