Norwegian Research Laboratory for Universal Design

Measurement possibilities

The Norwegian Research Laboratory for Universal Design’s measurement possibilities

  • Sound (decibel, transmission of sound, reverberation, impact noise, STIPA and STI)
  • Recognition of speech
  • Light (lux meter, luminance meter, colorimeter, spectrometer and colour temperature)
  • Motion perception and recognition related to light, colours and contrasts
  • Eye movements (the eye tracker has great significance to both the visually- and hearing impaired as well as those with mobility issues)
  • Optometry (visual acuity, visual field size and contrast sensitivity)
  • Power (Newton)
  • Operating system design/user ability
  • Laser rangefinders and tilt sensors
  • Slip resistance meter
  • Visualization tool which allows movement in a virtual room (important when considering the operation of the wheelchair)
  • Human behaviour can be captured and recorded – in multiple viewpoints – with advanced film equipment
  • How we walk; steadiness when walking is registered by antennas embedded in the floor
  • We have access to local audiological services