Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering

Sustainable energy

The group collaborates with Eidsiva Bioenergy AS on research on sustainable energy with focus on system studies, renewable energy / bioenergy, combustion, drying and emission.


The system aspect of supply and demand of energy has an important role, with an emphasis on the use of bioenergy and other renewable resources. The aim of our work is to contribute to sustainable supply and use of energy in Innlandet, Norway, through research and development.

Our ambition is to provide education that will provide relevant expertise in sustainable energy / bioenergy and energy in general. We work with colleges, universities and research institutions in Norway and Sweden. Like the rest of NTNU in Gjøvik we emphasize cooperation with the private sector.

We offer Bachelor of Engineering - renewable energy, as well as courses in renewable energy EVU and elective courses bachelor and other courses at the graduate level. More information is available:

The group is leading a major project, HERD (Higher Education, Research and Development) Energy where institutions from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo are participating. The aim of the project is to contribute to economic growth and social development through cooperation in higher education and research in the energy sector.