Norwegian Research Laboratory for Universal Design

Lecture Room

The lecture room is the knowledge-exchange hub of the lab. The room is equipped to host 24 people and is frequently used for lectures, demonstrations and meetings. What is more, the experiments conducted in the full-scale lab is directly transmitted to the room via a wall cube, which can either be used as one large screen or as four separate screens – giving other researchers and students the possibility to observe without disturbing the activity going on in the lab.

The lecture room

Examples of available equipment in the lecture room:

  • 4 big rear projection screens (i.e. “wall cube”), with a luminance up to 1500 cd/m2
  • Speaker system
  • Induction loop technology
  • Individual microphones placed in front of every seat

Examples of some lecture room-developed tests:

  • The brightness intensity of the wall cube makes it possible to project images and videos that simulates real life situations of flash blindness – hence also enabling testing in controlled conditions
  • Research on all types of visual impairment
  • Data analysis of the full-scale experiments from the video footage