The excursion on the 14th June 2017 is part of the 2nd IWLSC workshop. It is scheduled between 09:00 and 16:00 and two buses are arranged for the trip with guides. There will be six stops including catering. The excursion starts outside of the conference venue at 09:00. At the end of the trip, one of the buses will go directly to the Trondheim airport, Værnes and it shall arrive before 17:00.

Lime cement stabilization of a sensitive clay deposit at E-6 Klet

The excursion covers sites near Trondheim that are selected to be most relevant for the theme of the workshop. This includes recent and old landslide areas (Byneset and Tiller); the Norwegian GeoTest Site for quick clays; an ongoing quick clay project with largest stabilization work carried out in Norway (Klett project); quick clay zones in Trondheim (Nidarvoll, Duedalen/Bakklandet). A short report about these sites will be prepared and this will be available for the trip. Clothes and footwear for rainy weather conditions are recommended. This excursion will be a great opportunity to learn more on some aspects of quick clay out in the field and will provide an opportunity for more interaction with participants of the workshop.

More information on the excursion will be posted here later.




Workshop Organizers:

Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Norwegian Geotechnical Society



Université Laval
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Bane Nor
Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate