Project photos

  • Objects from a temporary memorial being collected by staff members from the State Archives in Trondheim, August 5 2011.




  • Exhibition of the proposals for national memorials, Oslo February 2014.




  • The damaged government building in Oslo February 2014. Here one of two national memorial sites will be located.




  • Model of the winning proposal by Jonas Dahlberg, exhibited in Oslo February 2014.




  • A spontaneously created temporary memorial on the pier to Utøya, May 2014.




  • Sign showing the chosen location for a memorial at Utøya, May 2014.




About the project

The project July 22 and the Negotiation of Memory studies the cultural afterlife of the terror attacks on July 22 2011 in the Norwegian society. The project focuses on the ways the tragedy is being represented and interpreted through temporary and permanent markers in public space.

The project gives special attention to the transition from the early phase, when the tragedy was processed through spontaneously created temporary memorials and unofficial markers, to the later creation of permanent and official monuments, memorials and sites commemorating the terror attacks. The relation between these two "stages of memory" is central to the project.

The project is owned by the Cultural Heritage Programme at the Department of Historical Studies, NTNU, and is financed by NTNU and the Falstad Centre

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New publication

New publication

A new scientific article about the national memorial process 2011 - 2017 has been published by the Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy, in a special issue about cultural leadership. The editors comment: "Ingeborg Hjorth investigates the national memorial process in the aftermath of the twin terror attacks in Norway on 22 July. Interestingly, she finds underlying confusion and vagueness in Norwegian memory politics. That observation could also be interpretad as a lack of leadership, could it not?". The article (in Norwegian with an abstract in English) can be accessed from the publisher's website.