The 22 July Centre

The 22 July Centre

In January 2015 NTNU and the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation made an agreement to cooperate in establishing an information center about the July 22 terror attacks in the Government Center. The research project July 22 and the Negotiation of Memory was given the responsibility of developing an exhibition. 

The center and the exhibition opened on July 22, 2015.

The exhibition concept, content and design is developed by a team of five: Tor Einar Fagerland, Atle Aas, Ingeborg Hjorth, Line Gjermshusengen and Åshild Karevold.

Project leader Tor Einar Fagerland is responsible for the development and structuring of the exhibition's content. Architect Atle Aas is responsible for the de design and exhibition architecture. Åshild Karevold, Head of Studies at the Faculty of Teacher Education at The Nord-Trøndelag University College and former educator at the Falstad memorial and museum, is responsible for online educational resources and the structuring of the center's web page. The PhDs Ingeborg Hjorth and Line Gjermshusengen have, in addition to preparing content, communicated with all victims' families and documented the exhibition process.

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Pictures from the opening of the center.

"The day terrorism came to Norway", essay by Tor Einar Fagerland published in Gemini 17.07.2015. 

Opening of 22 July Centre

Timeline 22 July Centre

Utøya picture in 22 July Centre