Advisory Board

Advisory board for history and learning on Utøya

The project group has assisted the Labour Youth (AUF) in their work on future plans for Utøya. An advisory board for history and learning on Utøya is lead by Tor Einar Fagerland, NTNU. Members of the group are Museum Director Alice Greenwald (9/11 National Memorial Museum), Professor James E. Young (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Professor Edward T. Linenthal (Indiana University), architect Erlend Blakstad Haffner and Author, Politician and Head of Communication Jo Stein Moen (Marintek).

The project has arranged for a series of meetings and workshops, where the relation between memory and future life on Utøya has been the centre of discussion. 

In 2016, "Hegnhuset", a new learning center surrounding and protecting preserved parts of the Café Building on Utøya, was opened. Tor Einar Fagerland and architect Atle Aas have contributed with an exhibition, where the key element is text messages sent to and from young camp participants during the terror attack in 2011.

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Bilde Hegnhuset