Project leader Tor Einar Fagerland

Project leader

Tor Einar Fagerland, Associate Professor at the Department of Historical Studies, NTNU
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PhD Candidates

Line Gjermshusengen, Master in Cultural Heritage, NTNU
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Ingeborg Hjorth, Master in Art History, NTNU
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The Falstad Centre, Memorial and Human Rights' Centre

Alice Greenwald, Director, 9/11 Memorial Museum

Edward T. Linenthal, Professor, Department of History, Indiana University, Bloomington

James E. Young, Professor of English and Judaic Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Clifford Chanin, Vice President for Education and Public Programs, 9/11 Memorial Museum

Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk, Curator, art consultant, and member of the Art Selection Committee for the National July 22 Memorials

Kyrre Kverndokk, Professor in Cultural Studies, University of Bergen

Atle Aas, Architect and member of the exhibition working group, July 22 Information Center 

Åshild Karevold, MA in cultural heritage management, study manager at Nord-Trøndelag University Collegeand member of the exhibition working group, July 22 Information Center

Christopher Olssøn, pohotojournalist and consultant for the exhibition working group, July 22 Information Center and the learning centre on Utøya.