Daily program troughout the conference

Program Thursday 5 June

13.55: Arrival Longyearbyen–pick up baggage–transport to hotel by bus–check in–snack at hotel
17.00: Welcome and opening

Block 1: Discussant Marina Picciotto - Yale University
17.15: Hopi Hoekstra - Harvard University
"Digging for genes that affect behavior"

18.15: End of conference today
18.30: Champagne tasting at Radisson
20.00: Dinner at Nansen, Radisson

Program Friday 6 June

07.00: Breakfast

Block 1: Discussant Rainer Friedrich - Friedrich Miescher Institute
08.45: Richard Axel - Columbia University
"Representations of olfactory information in the cortex"
09.25: Leslie Vosshall - Rockefeller University
"Building a mosquito sensory system to hunt humans"

10.05: COFFEE

10.30: Liqun Luo - Stanford University
"Organization of the locus coeruleus norpinephrine system"
11.10: Florian Engert - Harvard University
"Neural correlates of operant learning in larval zebrafish"

11.50: LUNCH (standing) with posters

Block 2: Discussant Tony Movshon - New York University
13.40: Botond Roska - Friedrich Miescher Institute
"Visual computation in retina and cortex"
14.20: Markus Meister - Harvard University
"Neural computations in the retina: from photons to behavior"

15.00: COFFEE

15.25: Carla Shatz - Stanford University
"Circuit tuning, pruning and MHCI"
16.05: Tobias Bonhoeffer - Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology
"How experience changes the circuitry of the brain"
16.45: Sonja Hofer - Universität Basel
"Neural dynamics in visual cortex during learning"

17.25: End of conference today
19.00: Four-course dinner at Huset

Program Saturday 7 June

07.00: Breakfast

Block 1: Discussant Erwin Neher - University of Göttingen
08.45: Michael Brect - Humboldt University
"Differential cortical activity in male and female rodents"
09.25: John O'Keefe - University College London
"Grid cell symmetry is shaped by the geometry of the environment"

10.05: COFFEE

10.30: May-Britt Moser - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
"Grid cells, place cells and memory"
11.10: Edvard Moser - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
"Update mechanisms in grid cells - speed and geometry" 
11.50: Nachum Ulanovsky - Weizmann Institute of Science
"Neural codes for 2-D and 3-D space in the hippocampal formation of bats"

12.30: LUNCH (standing) with posters

Block 2: Discussant Ole Kiehn - Karolinska Institutet
14.15: Bence Olveczky - Harvard University
"The role of motor cortex in the acquisition and execution of complex learned motor sequences"
14.55: Silvia Arber - Friedrich Miescher Institute
"Specificity and modules in circuits for motor control"

15.35: COFFEE

16.00: Catherine Dulac - Harvard University
"Molecular and neural sensing of social cues"

16.40: End of conference today
18.30: Activity: Wilderness Evening in Adventdalen w/dinner

Program Sunday 8 June

07.00: Breakfast

Block 1: Discussant Charles Gilbert - Rockefeller University
08.45: Bill Newsome - Stanford University
"Neural population dynamics in prefrontal cortex indicate changes-of-mind on single behavorial trials"
09.25: Larry Abbott - Columbia University
"The mushroom body as a model system for adaptive and predictive behavorial rules"

10.05: COFFEE

10.30: Michael Hausser - University College London
"Dendritic computation"
11.10: Winfried Denk - Max Planck Institute for Medical Research
"Unwiring the brain"

11.50: LUNCH (standing) with posters

Block 2: Discussant Steve Siegelbaum - Columbia University
12.55: Richard Morris - Edinburgh University
"Relearning the lessons of Marr's ideas about vision in the context of memory circuits: computational, alogorithmic and implementational aspects of memory persistence"
13.35: Stanislas Dehaene - College de France
"Decoding conscious states and conscious contents"

14.15: End of conference today

15.00: Optional Activity: "Hike to Sarkofagen" , "Icefjord Safari" and "Dog Sledding in the Mountains"
16.00: Optional Activity: "Endalen - In the Footsteps of the Miners" and "Fossil-hunting with Pack Dogs"

19.00: Return from activity
20.00: Dinner at Nansen, Radisson
22.30: Talk: Larry Squire - University of California San Diego
"Norway and Spitsbergen in the Era of Polar Exploration"


Program Monday 9 June

07.00: Breakfast

Block 1: Discussant Marina Picciotto - Yale University
08.30: Mike Shadlen - Columbia University
"Seeing and believing: Effect of electrical microstimulation on choice and confidence"
09.10: David Anderson - California Institute of Technology
"Neural control of behavioral choice in flies and mice"

09.50: End of conference today

11.00 Boat trip 6-7 hours with lunch
18.00 Return from boat trip (at latest)
19.30 Goodbye dinner at Huset, 5 course

Program Tuesday 10 June

04.00: Transport to Airport
06.00: Charter flight from Longyearbyen to Oslo
09.00: Estimated arrival Oslo Airport