Structural Dynamics

Structural Dynamics

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  • The Hardanger Bridge seen from the top of the tower. Photograph by NTNU/Aksel Fenerci.



  • Railway catenary system at Fokstumyra in Dovrefjell. Photograph by NTNU/Petter Nåvik.



  • Below the bridge deck of the Bergsøysund Bridge. Photograph by NTNU/Gøran Loraas.




The research field of Structural Dynamics combines numerical simulations, laboratory experiments and site measurements on existing structures. This also include development, and application, of new methods and techniques for numerical simulation of dynamic response. 

Safety and reliability are important factors for all application areas, and one main goal of the research is to generate data that may be used to improve the design of bridges and railways and help extend the technology to solve the challenging problems of the future.